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PEMF Malaysia - Healing In One Device

This isn't about a better device - this is about a better state of being for you and your loved ones.

Run better

Feel better

Heal better

Eliminate chronic pain

We need the Earth's natural healing fields to survive from the moment we were conceived. Disruptive "electrosmog" from electronic gadgets today has affected our biochemical processes. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are a crucial part of any healing process. 

pemf malaysia

You're Busy - Let PEMF Malaysia Help

PEMF Malaysia represents the cutting edge in health and wellness. By creating the natural electromagnetic pulses that our biology is used to, we take the human system back to equilibrium. This is real energy medicine. 

NASA Technology, Decades of Research

Home use PEMF Malaysia devices have been on the market for nearly two decades and our manufacturer is the only company in the World with its own in-house research, engineering, research & development and manufacturing divisions. 

Our devices are the gold standard for home and clinic-use PEMF devices the world over with a 15-year track record in the market and 500,000 daily users. in 35 countries. 

The most recent iMRS-Series is the culmination of 1,095,000,000 applications per year for 15 years. For the first time in history, these innovations have given everybody access to the same technology NASA uses to maintain astronaut health in the hostile environment of outer space.

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pemf malaysia

The best device in the market, period.

This is an area where less is more. PEMF Malaysia uses the most efficacious device available. While there exist devices of higher intensity, those are not necessarily healthy and may even do harm if not supervised properly. Our PEMF Malaysia consultants know just what you need, when you need. 

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What PEMF Malaysia Model do you have?

Are you looking for a PEMF Malaysia device for the home or for the clinic? We have a wide range of models and configurations that be tailored to your needs. Just drop us a line and a consultant will get back to you.

PEMF Malaysia even has brain entrainment devices that facilitate the mental and emotional facet of the process. 

PEMF Malaysia: iMRS Applicators

PEMF Malaysia

Recharger Whole Body Applicator

The Recharger with PEMF Malaysia contains 3 pairs of solid, uninsulated copper coils that deliver electromagnetic pulses to the whole body at once. The device also automatically varies its frequencies according to the circadian rhythms of the body and has 4 different programs tailored to the time of day. This whole body applicator excels at improving energy, stamina and sleep by augmenting whole body circulation and oxygen delivery with a sawtooth magnetic profile.

PEMF Malaysia

Recharger Local Applicator

The Recharger Local Applicator with PEMF Malaysia uses one pair of solid uninsulated copper coils - each coil has an equivalent number of windings that create the precise electromagnetic shape needed. This is commonly used to release tension, headaches, neck, shoulders and lower back.

The device also supports the rejuvenation of the:

  • lungs
  • pancreas
  • kidneys
  • liver
  • digestive tract
  • lower abdominal organs
pemf malaysia

Recharger Probe Applicator

This applicator can deliver intensities of up to 300 microTesla. In contrast, mat and pad applicators output only 45 microTesla. This probe has very specific applications for concentrating on a more intense square wave to smaller areas of the body such as joints. 

This Recharger applicator is only for special application under the advice and supervision of a trained professional. 

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