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Thermography Malaysia

As an safe non-radioactive alternative to a mammography and other diagnostic tools, thermography is in Malaysia. Ask us how to get your most recent scan. 

PEMF Malaysia

Pulsed-Electromagnetic Fields in Malaysia - are you looking for a home unit or clinical grade device? We can tell you. 

Kangen Water Systems

What about Kangen Water? We're way ahead of you. Checkout our authorised stockist, Kangen Water Systems. 

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Blood tests in Malaysia are always tricky to get right. We work with only the best of the best labs and feature one of the most comprehensive profiles in the country. Whatever your needs are as far as serum analysis in Malaysia, we can help you. 

blood test in malaysia

Blood Test In Malaysia

Serum analysis (AKA. Blood test) is serious business - for a blood test to be effective in addressing health needs, it must fulfil certain criteria. The test must be:

  • Actionable - a blood test should open up opportunities for healing. It should not be a death sentence.
  • Comprehensive - RM50 wasted is still Rm50. You get what you pay for and we advocate proper blood testing


Proper Blood Test in Malaysia

For these criteria to be fulfilled, any blood test in Malaysia must be accompanied by the right profile AND the right care-giver to ensure you have the solutions you need.

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